Our compliance management software brings an up-to-date legal register tailored to your organisation's needs, accessible whenever and wherever you want.

Verifield LegalRegister - Regulatory Compliance Made Easy

Tangled up in the jungle of safety and environmental laws? Not enough time to screen extensive legislations, to decide what is applicable for your organisation and the status of your regulatory compliance? Verifield's compliance management tools and solutions help you to stay on top of your organization's safety and environmental compliance by bringing you a tailored solution.

A must for certification!

Essential for achieving or maintaining the OHSAS-18001/ISO-45001, ISO-9001, ISO-14001, EMAS or ISO-50001 certifications for your organization.

Legal Expertise

Team of legal experts ready to follow-up and provide you with relevant legislations, summaries and changes applicable to your organization.

Tailored Solution

A legal register that is always up-to-date to support your organizational inspections and audits.

Tangible ROI

Cut the amount of time you spend following up ever-changing laws and regulations by automating your legal administration.

How can LegalRegister help you?

Peace of mind: Over 25 legal experts translate laws into practice on a daily basis. This means you’ll never miss any relevant legislation or updates.

Tailored to your organization: Our legislation packages offer visual indication of your organization's compliance level and could be further customized to your organization's activities.

Stay on top of regulatory compliance: Each legislation package offers you full access to relevant laws, standards, regulations, as well as summarized articles highlighting crucial changes.

Actively monitor legislations: Streamline your compliance management efforts by indicating what legislations items need to be closely monitored by assigning actions and tangible evidence (plans, checklists, assessments etc. ) to all items.

What can you do with LegalRegister?

Monitor compliance status: The LegalRegister dashboard gives you an immediate visual indication of your compliance level per legislation package. For each package you get an indication of the number of changed legislations and upcoming legislations. We also propose new legislations that match your company's criteria, which you can easily add to your legal register. 

Customize legislation packages: Within each legislation package you can access the full texts of a particular law. The most important changes in the legislation are summarized in an article with a visual indication of the compliance status of your organization that can be exported for reporting purposes.

Set-up compliance with ease: Per legislation you can set your compliance status per location and assign tasks to individuals within your organization. This allows you to maintain an overview of all activities and actions that need to be closely monitored to remain compliant. In addition, you can also add comments and set priorities in order to focus on laws that you want to address first.

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Always a solution tailored to your needs and your budget.

LegalRegister is altijd up-to-date en verstuurt meldingen. Dat is een van de grootste voordelen. Op basis van de voor ons relevante trefwoorden reikt het systeem de updates automatisch aan. Dat zorgt voor een immense tijdswinst.

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